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La Porchetta

191- 203 Anketell St, Tuggeranong, 2900, ACT

3 start - 4 Reviews 2.6 5 4

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4 Reviews for La Porchetta

2.6 5 4
La Porchetta Anonymous
5 3.25
3.5 star rating Nice pizza
Food is great!
Food: 4 star rating Service: 4 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 3 star rating Atmosphere: 2 star rating
Anonymous - 5/4/2011
La Porchetta Tracy
5 2.25
2.5 star rating Great pizza
Really good for pizzas, have never been too impressed with the pasta and wouldn't recommend it, but they definitely do good pizzas. my favourite - aussie with extra egg.
Food: 3 star rating Service: 2 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 2 star rating Atmosphere: 2 star rating
Tracy - 5/10/2010
La Porchetta La porchetta tuggeranong
5 1.25
1.5 star rating Wouldn't eat here again if you paid me
Thought i'd give this another go after a bad experience a couple of years ago and it is worse than ever. the staff were surly and had a "i'd rather be somewhere else" attitude. i had the pollo fungi with garlic added, an extra $1.00 i might add! the dish was revolting. the chicken had obviously been cooked earlier on at some point and reheadted, it wasn't fresh cooked. the pasta was about the same and the texture was like the cream had been mixed with cornflour. for $14.50 it was disgraceful and was mostly left uneaten. i would have complianed but last time i did that i got - so??
Food: 2 star rating Service: 1 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 1 star rating Atmosphere: 1 star rating
La porchetta tuggeranong - 6/19/2008
La Porchetta Anonymous
5 3.75
4 star rating Great family restaurant great pizza
Food: 4 star rating Service: 4 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 4 star rating Atmosphere: 3 star rating
Anonymous - 7/31/2007
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