Menu Mate Services

We provide great benefits for both our customers and restaurant owners. The following are some of the services we provide:

Customer Services:

  • Order online - Quick, easy and an efficient way to order your take-away with a few clicks of a button. A restaurant will never place your call on hold again!
  • Read restaurant reviews- Before ordering see what other patrons have said about the restaurant and then decide.
  • Write reviews - Feel like you need to share your experience get online and write a review.
  • Keep track of your past order and reviews - You will never forget the name of the great dish you ordered last time, as you can look up which restaurant and which dish you had.
  • Reorder - want to order the exact same dishes as last time, you can reorder it again and again with one click.


  • Listing on Menu Mate - Promote your restaurant and menu to thousands of potential customers every day.
  • Your own website with online ordering option - A fast, attractive and efficient website created just for you. Your customers don't need to leave your website to order.
  • Respond to your customer reviews - The option to acknowledge a good review or provide more information to your customers.
  • SMS and email newsletter - We will constantly be promoting your business through regular interactions with all the customers in our database.
  • Takeaway menu printing- High quality, attractive and very affordable printing of your take-away menu.
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