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9 Restaurants in Tuggeranong
Kingsley's Chicken
Food Court Hyperdome, Tuggeranong ACT
5 start - 1 Reviews
McDonald's Family Restaurants
Greenway Cowlishaw St, Tuggeranong ACT
4.5 start - 7 Reviews
Chalisa Indian Restaurant
Hyperdome House & Home Shop 9, 76 Athlon Dr, Tuggeranong ACT
4 start - 5 Reviews
Asian, Indian
Chalisa Indian Restaurant
Hyperdome Lifestyle Centre, Shop 9, 76 Athlon Drv,, Tuggeranong ACT
4 start - 2 Reviews
Golden Crown Fast Foods
(Inside Homeworld Tggeranong), Tuggeranong ACT
4 start - 5 Reviews
Asian, Chinese
La Porchetta
191- 203 Anketell St, Tuggeranong ACT
3 start - 4 Reviews
Curry House The
FC8 Hyperdome Shopping Centre, Tuggeranong ACT

Hungry Jack's Pty Ltd
Shop 142 / 149, Tuggeranong ACT

Lakeview Restaurant
Tuggeranong Town Centre Cowlishaw St, Tuggeranong ACT

Asian, Chinese
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