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Sunshine Thai Restaurant

Griffith Plaza, 7 / 152 Griffith St, Coolangatta, 4225, QLD
Cuisines: Asian Thai

4 start - 4 Reviews 3.7 5 4

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4 Reviews for Sunshine Thai Restaurant

3.7 5 4
Sunshine Thai Restaurant Disgusting service
5 1.75
2 star rating Ridiculous service
This place is a joke. it was recommended to us as the food is quite good but the 3 times we have been there the service has been appalling. meals forgotten, waiting over half an hour for a drink and the last time we got take away it was supposed to take 35 mind and we waited for an hour and fifteen minutes, was given the wrong food and charged for someone else's meal ( we wre just lucky it was a cheaper dinner) 3rd strike out i will never go there again
Food: 2 star rating Service: 1 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 2 star rating Atmosphere: 2 star rating
Disgusting service - 1/1/2013
Sunshine Thai Restaurant Jacob
5 5.00
5.0 star rating The real thai
Wow! congrats sunshine thai, your food is amazing. thank you
Food: 5.0 star rating Service: 5.0 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 5.0 star rating Atmosphere: 5.0 star rating
Jacob - 8/19/2010
Sunshine Thai Restaurant Anonymous
5 5.00
5.0 star rating Best thai in cooly
Highly recommended. have a fantastic, tasty meal on every visit.
Food: 5.0 star rating Service: 5.0 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 5.0 star rating Atmosphere: 5.0 star rating
Anonymous - 3/12/2010
Sunshine Thai Restaurant Mit
5 3.00
3 star rating Definately recommended
As this place was recommended to me by coworkers i would highly recommend this to anyone close to the area. coming from a thai background i've eaten quite a few thai dishes in my time, but this place was quite authentic in it's presentation and flavours. the wait service was lacking as it took ages to order our food, but overall they were very accommodating to any requests with food.
Food: 4 star rating Service: 2 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 3 star rating Atmosphere: 3 star rating
Mit - 3/1/2009
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