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Sottile's Pizza & Takeaway Food

Shop 1 Branton Rd, Hoppers Crossing, 3029, VIC
Cuisines: Italian Pizza

4 start - 5 Reviews 3.6 5 5

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5 Reviews for Sottile's Pizza & Takeaway Food

3.6 5 5
Sottile's Pizza & Takeaway Food Stay away
5 1.00
1 star rating Not happy
new owners. firstly we phone ordered the meal informed of 20 min wait being a sat night figured they were busy got told it wasn't far away. i managed to watch the first quarter of a footy match until of the staff asked me how long i'd been waiting it ended up being an hour wait the pizza was cold and the pasta had no taste very disappointing no offer of a discount or a soft drink not anything just a half ass apology i suggest uncle leo's u might pay more but at least u get what u pay for!!! never eating there again
Food: 1 star rating Service: 1 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 1 star rating Atmosphere: 1 star rating
Stay away - 5/18/2013
Sottile's Pizza & Takeaway Food Anoynouse
5 4.75
5.0 star rating Give them a go
After reading and hearing about this place - yes they are busy as they have the best pizza in the area - if you don't want to wait - dial pizza hut and eat the card - this place offers variety and the restaurant is well worth the experience - again as we found out - make sure you book
Food: 5.0 star rating Service: 4 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 5.0 star rating Atmosphere: 5.0 star rating
Anoynouse - 3/20/2012
Sottile's Pizza & Takeaway Food Anonymous
5 2.25
2.5 star rating Time after time.
When we first move into the area about four years ago the pizza was to die for. after a change in management the pizza was ok but each time we come back it seems to get worse and worse the last time was the last unless another change in management i won't be going back for more disappointment.
Food: 1 star rating Service: 3 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 2 star rating Atmosphere: 3 star rating
Anonymous - 12/17/2011
Sottile's Pizza & Takeaway Food 81
5 5.00
5.0 star rating
Fantastic pizza good qick sevice and allways great taste.
Food: 5.0 star rating Service: 5.0 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 5.0 star rating Atmosphere: 5.0 star rating
81 - 3/13/2010
Sottile's Pizza & Takeaway Food Maryanne
5 5.00
5.0 star rating Fantastic
A group of us went to eat at sottile's pizza. i had never been before and i have to say i was so pleasantly surprised. this little restaurant sits in an suburban street and from the outside you think it's just a take away shop, but the meal that i ordered was sensational. i ordered the primavera pasta and it was absolutely delicious. i also ordered a salad and that was abundant in lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables. i was with a group of about 20 and everyone was very happy with their meal, very generous portions, so if you are hungry you will be very satisfied. even though they are generous portions, the food doesn't lack in flavour which sometimes happens when restaurants overfill your plate. i can't wait to take my family. it's only a small restaurant, so a booking would be recommended.
Food: 5.0 star rating Service: 5.0 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 5.0 star rating Atmosphere: 5.0 star rating
Maryanne - 7/17/2009
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