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Ricks on Don

18 Don Road, Devonport, 7310, TAS
Cuisine: Italian

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3 Reviews for Ricks on Don

3.9 5 3
Ricks on Don Anonymous
5 4.25
4.5 star rating Bbq chookin calzone and chicken caesar salad
I was very excited when i heard you guys were doing calzone's but i was a lil disapointed as it tasted just like a pizza. i was hoping it would come with a sauce. for example a bbq creamy sauce to go with the bbq chookin, a bolognaise sauce to go with the meaty calzone or a creamy marinara sauce to go with a seafood calzone. i would definantly come back if they came with a yummy sauce. plzzzz:d
Food: 3 star rating Service: 5.0 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 4 star rating Atmosphere: 5.0 star rating
Anonymous - 11/12/2014
Ricks on Don Anonymous
5 2.50
2.5 star rating Watery curry, tasteless, over cooked pasta
I ordered a meat samosa, thai green curry and napolitano fettuccine pasta. i enjoyed the samosa, it was pretty good. the curry was weak in heat (i ordered medium) and was extremely watery and tasteless. the chicken seemed horribly over cooked. the beans were good. the pasta was also over cooked. the sauce was non-existent and just had large lumps of tomato here and there. i just wonder if the people who own the business have even tried their food because it tastes horrid.
Food: 1 star rating Service: 4 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 1 star rating Atmosphere: 4 star rating
Anonymous - 5/17/2013
Ricks on Don Ricksondon
5 5.00
5.0 star rating Changes
We have changed our name & location new name rick's on don new address 18 don rd devonport tas 7310 0364242293 web site with full menu www.ricksondon.com we do pizza,pasta & curries open 6 nights (closed monday) lunch wed to friday. thankyou regards rick ________________________________________
Food: 5.0 star rating Service: 5.0 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 5.0 star rating Atmosphere: 5.0 star rating
Ricksondon - 12/21/2011
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