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Red Rooster

Highpoint Shopng Cntr, 200 Rosamond Rd, Maribyrnong, 3032, VIC

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2 Reviews for Red Rooster

0.9 5 2
Red Rooster Nic
5 1.75
2 star rating Red rooster goes big, bad and expensive
Red rooster is always a takeaway gamble dinner night. lately the quality is too poor and the price is too expensive. charcoal chicken seems a smarter choice these days always fresh. red rooster is always not as of late.
Food: 2 star rating Service: 2 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 1 star rating Atmosphere: 2 star rating
Nic - 5/4/2011
Red Rooster The m family
5 0.00
0 star rating
We buy from red rooster at least once a week and have been for several years. in the last few months we have noticed the quality has gone down quite significantly. the mashed potatoes are no longer mixed properly and we end up with gravy on instant potato mash powder. we no longer buy the mashed potato. one of our usual orders is for a whole chicken. ninety percent of the time now the whole chicken comes to us with dried out ends and the wings and drumstick are too dry to eat. the whole chicken we bought this afternoon was nice and juicy and did not have dried out ends, however it was disgusting to notice that it came to us with a piece eaten from it! that is unacceptable! the parsons nose had been pulled out and part of the back of the chicken including the skin. as a parsons nose fan also i know this is how it looks when pulled out whilst hot to eat. staff today are obviously fans and unable to resist the parsons nose. i could say this was just a fluke however it is not the first time this has happened with the parsons nose eaten and. we have also previously received the roast dinner with veggies with half eaten vegies. pumpkins came to us as pumpkin skins only. how could you not notice when packing that you are only packing the skins! we can only deduce that staff do not pay attention or are eating as they work. why haven't we complained before?...well we have but aside from being asked to come back and receive a new order (which is not always possible as the error is noticed once everyone is already sitting at the table and hungry.) nothing seems to change. getting very frustrating as we know that red rooster nights are always a gamble. but it is not all negative, the value for money (when full and correct order received) is great and the variety on the menu does make it hard to decide what to order sometimes. the taste is what keeps us coming back. recently we have eaten at other red rooster's whilst on holidays and have noticed the quality is much higher than what we are used to at red rooster highpoint. whether you want to address this will be interesting as our phone calls have fallen on deaf ears in the past and we stopped complaining but tonight's order was enough to make us write this letter. regards
Food: 0 star rating Service: 0 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 0 star rating Atmosphere: 0 star rating
The m family - 12/5/2009
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