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Domeo's Pizza

1 Centreway Mt Waverley, Glen Waverley, 3149, VIC
Cuisines: Italian Pizza

3.5 start - 3 Reviews 3.2 5 3

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3 Reviews for Domeo's Pizza

3.2 5 3
Domeo's Pizza Joy
5 1.00
1 star rating Worst cardboard pizza - family supreme
Well, i was really excited about getting pizza on sat night, and at $20 for a family size i was expecting a treat..... picked it up and felt like there was nothing inside. the pizza was thin like cardboard, not necessarily a bad thing, i like thin crust but in this case it also tasted like nothing. it was a 'supreme' pizza, not so sure what was supreme about it. the topping was stingy, i could see the base through alot of it, counted 4 olives, a few strips of ham and salami, a little green capsicum and some dried basil, yeah that was about it. family size hardly fed 3 people. so so bad, never had a worse pizza in my life. never ever again. :(
Food: 1 star rating Service: 1 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 1 star rating Atmosphere: 1 star rating
Joy - 9/2/2012
Domeo's Pizza Anonymous
5 4.25
4.5 star rating No frills, excellent pizza
Food: 5.0 star rating Service: 5.0 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 4 star rating Atmosphere: 3 star rating
Anonymous - 10/31/2011
Domeo's Pizza Stoivon oreo
5 4.25
4.5 star rating Senior' stoives review
Food: 4 star rating Service: 5.0 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 4 star rating Atmosphere: 4 star rating
Stoivon oreo - 6/13/2009
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