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Caboolture Munchies

77 Beerburrum Rd, Caboolture, 4510, QLD

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8 Reviews for Caboolture Munchies

3.8 5 8
Caboolture Munchies Kerry
5 2.00
2 star rating Love this shop
I used to visit this shop when i lived close i moved away and missed there food, prices, and customer service i have recently moved nearby and have been frequenting this amazing takeaway shop as there food is amazing there pricing is good and there staff are always friendly. great place to stop in for a quick snack or order lunch
Food: 2 star rating Service: 2 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 2 star rating Atmosphere: 2 star rating
Kerry - 6/26/2014
Caboolture Munchies Susan
5 5.00
5.0 star rating Awesome value awesome staff
I am one of the managers of the best western caboolture central motor inn in caboolture and order on a regular basis. we are highly satisifed with the lovely service, food and quality of the food delivery. we also hear on a regular basis from our customers absolutely wonderful comments on your food. good job guys keep up the good work.
Food: 5.0 star rating Service: 5.0 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 5.0 star rating Atmosphere: 5.0 star rating
Susan - 2/19/2013
Caboolture Munchies Anonymous
5 3.50
3.5 star rating Very yummy food
I have got munchies a few times & live in the area & i hafta say each time the food has been very nice the only bad experience i had was once we got it delivered & they had forgotten 2 of our items & when they got here they stil expected us to pay for the items they had forgotten as well as telling us they wouldnt return with our items we had to drive ourselves their to get it. i did not pay for the items i didnt receive for the obvious reason, & the man did become a little rude i didnt understand why because it was his mistake . other than that 1 experience i have not had any other problems or rudeness from them & i still to this day get munchies :)
Food: 4 star rating Service: 4 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 3 star rating Atmosphere: 3 star rating
Anonymous - 3/19/2012
Caboolture Munchies Kel
5 4.75
5.0 star rating Great shop
Ive lived in caboolture for 2 years now and i use to get my hot food from a shop on pumistone rd. i found the food at munchies is cheaper and better cooked and the service is great. ile keep going back there all the time. keep up the great work .
Food: 5.0 star rating Service: 5.0 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 5.0 star rating Atmosphere: 4 star rating
Kel - 2/18/2012
Caboolture Munchies Brett
5 4.50
4.5 star rating Good food great service
Every time i go here i have a pleasant time , always very friendly and prompt thankyou
Food: 5.0 star rating Service: 5.0 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 4 star rating Atmosphere: 4 star rating
Brett - 2/1/2012
Caboolture Munchies Tabatha
5 5.00
5.0 star rating Delicious food
My husband & i, when living in caboolture, used to eat here once a week. phone manner was excellent, price was reasonable & delivery was prompt. when the food was delivered, it was delicious & the delivery persons always had a smile on their face. very lovely people & always helpful. if i still lived in the area, i would definitely still be ordering weekly!
Food: 5.0 star rating Service: 5.0 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 5.0 star rating Atmosphere: 5.0 star rating
Tabatha - 1/10/2012
Caboolture Munchies Anonymous
5 1.00
1 star rating Horrible do not go here!!!!!!
I ordered 2 chicken kebabs 2 pork ribblets and for my children 1 potato cake and 2 dim sims. i was told that they would not cook me chicken kebabs because it takes to long if they are not in the hot box to bad. the potato cake and dim sims were hard and cold so i decided to take them back and collect my money to go else where. when i asked for my money back i was greeted by the 'manager' who screamed at me that he had already started cooking the riblets and he would not return my money. instead he swapped the cardboard food for a crumbed sausage that was apparently fresh cooked but was also cold and hard. i noticed that the returned dim sims had been placed back in the hot box but he had frightened me so much that i said nothing and left. and i paid a fortune!!!!!!!! horrible do not go here!!!!!!
Food: 1 star rating Service: 1 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 1 star rating Atmosphere: 1 star rating
Anonymous - 1/3/2012
Owners replay: We are sorry to hear that you had such a "horrible" experience at our shop. Unfortunately there seem to be a couple of discrepancies that we feel we need to address. Firstly, your husband came in and asked if we had chicken kebabs. He was told that as it was nearly closing time we did not have any cooked but if he would like to wait they would take 20-25 minutes to cook up. He ?did not wish to wait and ordered 4 pork riblets instead and said that was all he wanted from the kitchen. He then grabbed a scallop and two mini dim sims from the hot box. After a time you came into the shop aggressively, addressing our young female employee that your scallop was hard and demanded your money back for everything. The manager was called but at no point did he "scream" at you, he had no hesitation in returning the $2.40 for the scallop & dim sims which he did immediately but he did explain that he thought it was unfair of you to expect the $14.00 back for a product ,pork riblets, that were in the process of being freshly cooked up. ?You queried the price of pork riblets and were told & shown where our full menu list was. As this business owner for over 20 years I find it highly offensive and defamatory that you would even suggest the food was "placed back in the hotbox", the only place it went was in the bin! You said "I paid a fortune", maybe this is the real basis of your problem with us, obviously your husband had spent too much money by ordering the 4 pork riblets. ?May I suggest wherever you choose to shop next time you place your own order and then you will know exactly what has been ordered & how much money has been spent before the order is to be cooked, this might alleviate another "horrible & frightening" experience for you.
Caboolture Munchies Anonymous
5 5.00
5.0 star rating Nice place
Very friendly
Food: 5.0 star rating Service: 5.0 star rating Add owner comment
Value: 5.0 star rating Atmosphere: 5.0 star rating
Anonymous - 4/25/2009
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